Face masks are now new normal

These days we all know that, wearing face masks is the ‘new normal’, and this is likely to carry on for fairly some time. During this time, it is important for us to take all the precautions we can to make sure everyone’s safety and well-being. However tough it may initially feel to wear a face mask, we should continue to focus on our first priority – fighting this dangerous flues and viruses! The virus disease has left many countries grappling with high infection rates and has negatively impacted societies and economies. Now though, many countries are starting to lift restrictions to prepare for a “new normal.” As the world slowly switches to a more cautious way of living, many Governments are advising residents to maintain some of the required preventative measures. These include the wearing of facemasks in public, maintaining social distancing, maintaining proper hand and cough/sneeze hygiene, staying at home when feeling unwell, and getting tested and treated with the help of doctors if showing respiratory symptoms or a fever. Countries that fought the virus and effectively “flattened the curve” had one thing in common – they all advised their residents to wear facemasks in public places and to social and physical distance from anyone outside of their immediate family. These measures have shown to be highly effective in reducing the transmission.

A new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge illustrates how important it is to use facemasks and you must know about it. They found that if 100 percent of people wore masks all the time in public, combined with lockdowns and social distancing measures, it could help stem the spread of the virus or flues that could be dangerous for human being. The population wide use of facemasks will be a great solution. Facemasks keep the rate reduced at which a single infected person infects secondary individuals, this simply means that wearing face masks could prevent a second wave of the virus from hitting during the next few months that experts say it will take to have a vaccine ready. The current tough time has changed life as we know it. As the rate of infections due to unsafe air medium particle, flues and viruses begins to slow down in some hard-hit areas, early signs of recovery are appearing. Some towns, cities and states are starting to slowly reopen businesses, public areas and more.

Wearing face masks can protect you against various types of infection, there is no doubt face masks are now part of our daily lives. The government has made it mandatory to wear protective masks, gloves and carry a sanitizer while you are out of your home. Mounting evidence suggests that wearing face masks can help in the fight against virus and as it limits the spread. Face masks can protect users from an infection or foreign bodies that travel through air. However, we should also bear in mind the potential side effects of wearing face mask. Those who have to wear face masks for long hours may start to experience challenges, such as difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, sweating, and the feeling of being trapped. In fact, so many frontline workers who are fighting the situation are facing terrible skin injuries due to the long usage of surgical masks. But that shouldn’t deter you from adhering to the government’s guidelines. You have to take some precautions to overcome these small problems and wear face masks to keep you and others safe from any type of infections.

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