How to Wash, Sanitize and Reuse Your Cotton Face Mask?

From the time when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended to use cotton cloth face masks for the general public for the better protection, the demand of this special mask went viral and trending over internet. As we know there are some safe ways to properly wear and remove face masks in general we can say washing your hands is one step, however the cotton face masks must be washed in order to be properly reused. In general for every individual we can say as per the expert suggestion warm water and any detergent that you’re used to using at home should work great. Also as per the medical researchers recommendation you should be routinely washed your face mask depending on the frequency of use or that should be washed daily, which means hand washing will likely be your go-to method. It will highly require washing your face mask daily if you’re using it and going out to run every day jobs, you run the risk of having droplets gather on the surface of the face mask or if you think you may have been exposed to flues or unsafe virus, however, extra precautions should be taken.

It might be happened you’ve been out on the subway, for example, and someone sneezes on you or talks closely then there is a higher possibility that it could be contaminated and you don’t want to wait until the end of the day to wash it. Do it as soon as you can.

Before going to washing context, you should make sure the mask you are using is a washable mask or disposable mask. Medical mask or disposable face mask are not the washable type of mask, they can be used only once and then you should discard them. Cotton multi layered masks are washable and reusable masks that you can get easily from online and offline. However, it always suggested choosing the original quality cotton face mask which will provide you the best protection.

The best way to wash your face mask is simply you can wash your hand or put the mask in the washer to properly clean it. Then, you can let it air dry or put it in the dryer on the hot setting to help kill any potentially remaining particles. Also, if possible give the mask a hot water bath which will help killing the harmful particles available in to the face mask and then dry it. Some of the chief medical experts suggested that all cotton face masks need to be washed with hot water in the washing machine or and dried on high heat. Last but not least would like to tell you that the cotton face masks worn properly and should be washed regularly to offer great level of protection, and never forget to thrown out after the material or the filter shows signs of wear and tear. The best way to clean your face mask is in a washing machine or with soap and hot water and make sure the mask should be dried completely, try to dry under heavy sun light.

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